Why mushrooms are so good for you.

Benefits of eating mushrooms.

Low in calories mushrooms are just 22kcal per 100g serving raw but may be more depending on how they are cooked. Mushrooms are also packed with nutrients, including multiple B vitamins and vitamin C. They also have minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, prosperous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, and selenium.

Look out for mushrooms that have been exposed to sunlight. These mushrooms come with added vitamin D.

Mushrooms are low in fat too, with only 0.34g per 100g. These low-fat fungi are packed with nutrients and contain fiber that makes them great as part of a healthy eating plan that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Add mushrooms for a more interesting healthy eating plan, but just like any other food, cook and prepare them wisely. Use mushrooms in your recipes – they are a tasty and low-calorie way to bring flavor and texture to your meals, but beware of frying, battering, or breadcrumbing your mushrooms as this can add a significant number of calories, carbs, and fats.

mushrooms and onions cooking in a pan

Is a mushroom a protein or carb?

According to data provided by the USDA, raw mushrooms contain 3.09g of protein and 3.26g of carbohydrates. This makes them a great source of protein and also fiber-filled carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are made up of approximately 1g of fiber and approximately 2g of sugars.

Is mushroom good for weight loss?

The low calorie and high nutrient content make mushrooms an excellent food to aid weight loss. Mushrooms are delicious and can be added to your recipes to provide filing fiber and bulk your meals.

Why are mushrooms not good for health?

They are not digested easily and should be cooked to make them more digestible. Mushrooms may agitate conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome. Some people may also be allergic to mushrooms, so as with all foods, there may be some people that are not suited to eating them.

Healthy meals ideas using mushrooms

Mushrooms are such a versatile food. They can be added to dishes to create texture and flavor or they can feature as the main dish.

Try out these mushroom meal ideas to add low-calorie and delicious vitamin-packed fiber to your meals.

  • Mushroom omelet.
  • Cooked mushroom and tomatoes on wholegrain toast.
  • Pasta with mushroom, tomato and onion ragu.
  • Add mushrooms to curry, stew, bolognese, and casseroles to make your meal go further.
  • Make a mushroom stir fry by adding other vegetables.
  • Mushroom and vegetable rice.
  • Stuff mushrooms with low-fat garlic cream cheese
  • Mushroom and vegetable cous cous, bulgar wheat or quinoa.
  • Mushroom risotto.
  • Baked vegetables with mushrooms.
  • Mushroom frittata

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