Pancake recipe: Only 3 ingredients and easy to make

Why limit pancakes to Pancake Day? This easy-to-make pancake recipe means you can have them more than once a year.

This easy-to-follow step-by-step pancake recipe is excellent for making English-style thin pancakes. For a delicious breakfast or dessert, you can load these with healthy fruit, such as blueberry, strawberry, and banana! The basic recipe only needs 3 ingredients you are likely to already have at home, so there is no reason not to enjoy these tasty treats more often.

pancake recipe
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How do you make original pancakes?

There are a variety of pancakes out there, English style pancakes are considered more of a crepe style, being quite thin and large. American-style pancakes tend to be smaller and fluffier. Scotch pancakes bear a resemblance to American-style pancakes, being smaller and thicker than a crepe-style pancake.

This recipe focuses on the thinner and larger crepe-style pancakes that you can serve as sweet or savory and are so simple to make.

How do you make pancake mix?

The batter mix for these old-fashioned thin pancakes is very simple to make. The main tips are to gradually add the milk to the flour and mix like crazy to avoid lumps. You can add the eggs to the batter mix once the flour and milk are combined.

Using a blender to mix the milk and flour is fine, but again, hand mix the eggs afterward as too much blending can break down the egg proteins too much if over-blended.

When you cook pancakes, wipe the non-stick pan with clean kitchen paper with a little oil to stop them from sticking. The first pancake always goes wrong. It is usually too thick and is the tester to find the optimum pan heat. You want a medium-hot pan. If the pan is too hot, your pancakes can burn, and too low, can make the pancakes rubbery.

Try and make the pancakes thin by adding a little mix and tilting the pan to get a thin covering.

Cooking only takes a few minutes. Lift the pancake with a thin spatula and turn once it is golden brown underneath.

Pancake Recipe – Ingredients:

100g plain flour

2 medium eggs

300ml milk

Pancake Recipe – Instructions:

Wipe the non-stick pan with a clean sheet of kitchen towel that has been dipped in a little vegetable oil.

Place the pan on a medium heat hob and let the pan heat up. Test the pan heat with a drop of the mix before you make your first pancake.

Pour some of the batter mix into the pan (off the heat) and tilt and tip the pan so that the batter covers the bottom of the pan.

Return to the heat and watch as the pancake sets across the top.

Use a spatula to lift the pancake and check the underside. Once this turns golden brown, it’s time to flip.

Flip your pancake using the spatula or, if you are talented, throw the pancake up to air-flip your pancake.

Cook until the other side is golden brown and serve while warm.

Nutritional information

100g plain flour – 364kcal

2 medium eggs – 132kcal

300ml semi-skimmed milk – 156kcal

Total – 652kcal per batter mix

Makes approximately 8 pancakes.

82kcal per pancake

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