Microwave vegetables for faster cooking and more nutrients

Microwaving cooks food faster, which is better.

The speed at which we prepare and cook food has a direct impact on nutrition. Microwave vegetables for faster cooking and more nutrients is a healthier option than other traditional cooking methods. The faster we cook our food, the more nutrients are retained. This is also true of handling and preparing your food.

Eating vegetables raw is the best way to get maximum nutrition, especially if you are lucky enough to eat them freshly picked. If you do have to cook them, the microwave is a great way to preserve nutrition.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

If you have a microwave, use it more.

We can cook quickly using a microwave. There have been concerns about microwave cooking in the past, and some people prefer not to use a microwave for these reasons. Using a microwave to cook is a personal choice and the World Health Organisation has published useful information about the safety of microwave ovens, deeming them safe, provided they are n good repair.

If you do not mind the microwave, this is a great tool to cook fast.

Bear in mind that not all food cooks well in a microwave though, so choose wisely. Especially avoid cooking whole eggs in the microwave as they can explode when you eat them.

Thankfully, vegetables do, which is great because they contain so many nutrients that we want to preserve.

Steaming in the microwave is easy, pop your fresh or frozen vegetables into a bowl. Add a little water (you don’t need to cover the vegetables, remember we will throw the water away). Cover the bowl with a lid to retain the steam and microwave until the vegetables are tender.

You can cook fast without a microwave.

Try steaming in a steamer or pan. Use a small amount of water and make sure steam is kept inside with a lid. Chop your vegetables smaller for faster cooking time.

Increase the speed of your preparation.

If you have a food processor, you can also increase your preparation time by letting it do the chopping for you – it takes seconds, meaning that less nutrients are lost in handling and chopping the vegetables.

Time saving and cost effective

Cooking fast is not only better for you. It also saves time and can also save you money on your energy bills as microwaves tend to be more energy-efficient than electric ovens and hobs.