Kickboxing for weight loss and strength.

Kickboxing is fantastic for weight loss and getting in shape. Aside from this brilliant benefit kickboxing also:

Promotes fat burning and builds muscle.

The mix of high-intensity cardio, strength and fitness training combined with the resistance of kicking and punching burns through fat and builds strong muscles and bones.

These exercises combined mean that your lungs are pulling in extra oxygen and the heart is pumping harder. The resistance in the punching and kicking is causing muscle contractions, making our muscle fibres stronger. The result of regular workouts is a better body composition with more lean body mass and less fat.

Improves your cardiovascular health.

Kickboxing is a great high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Punching and kicking, alongside defensive maneuvering of the body, means you are constantly moving at speed. You are also engaging your core muscles as you do so. When you are moving around quickly, your body will demand more oxygen. This makes you breathe harder and your heart pumps faster to get that oxygen around the body. This increases the health of both your lungs and heart.

Increases your mental wellbeing.

Punching and kicking things (pads and bags) is a great reliever of stress. If you find your blood pressure on the rise because of stress, hitting things may be exactly what you need. Channeling negative feelings into physical activity can help you feel better. A good workout is also known to release endorphins, giving you that “feel good” factor. Whilst some may consider punching and kicking to be an aggressive form of exercise; it can actually help you practice calm in stressful situations.

Increases your confidence levels.

Feeling stronger, fitter, and being in better shape is going to increase your confidence no end. When you see a positive change in your body composition, you can’t help but feel better.

Kickboxing also increases your independence. Being able to lift more weight; maneuver your body more; becoming more flexible also give you greater confidence and ability in your day-to-day activities. You also feel safer. Many people feel more confident about day-to-day life because they can practice self-defense if need be.

Making friends

Kickboxing is a great place to meet new friends. It can feel a bit daunting to start any new exercise group at first. There are lots of factors that can make you feel nervous; worrying about meeting new people; anxiety about being out of shape or not being fit enough to keep up; scared about being hit.

Kickboxing is a sport that anyone can join and beginners are always welcome. People who are new to the sport will focus on learning the correct form, slowly and carefully. They will also gradually build up their fitness levels before they would ever start sparring (competing with another person).

And despite it being quite an aggressive form of exercise, classes are really friendly!

If you are thinking of giving kickboxing a try for weight loss, there are certainly lots of other benefits that come with it.