keeping exercise simple
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Have you been thinking about exercising more? Maybe you feel like you should be getting a bit more exercise and intend to do something about it. Maybe you already exercise and want to add some different exercises into your routine.

Whatever your reason, it is easy to overcomplicate exercise. It is even easier to overcomplicate it so much that it becomes too much hassle to even try.

We can often get carried away with the preparation stage of making changes to our routine. Buying new exercise clothes or equipment, finding the right class, or finding a home routine that works for you.

Sometimes we forget that exercise can be as simple as moving more – being more active.

We forget to enjoy the activity part of becoming more active.

We need to find enjoyment in our activity. If we hate what we are doing, or if it becomes too difficult to even get started why are we going to bother?

Think about the activities that you enjoy. These are the things you should aim to do more and you will want to do them because you like them.

What is the point of committing to a three-mile jog at 6.30 am every morning if you don’t like running and you’re not a morning person?

Does exercise even need to be this formal?

Try these great activities to get more active and exercise

Walk to work
Run up every set of stairs you come across
Take the kids out for a walk in the woods
Play games in the park with the kids – football, rounders, frisbee Take the dog on a long walk and play fetch
Go for a swim with your friend
Put on a dance video and do it for fun
Ride a bike
Try a new activity like paddle-boarding or rollerskating
Try console-based activities

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something that makes you feel excited about doing it and happy while you are doing it.

Motivation for exercise is the key to keeping it going. If you find an activity you love, you will be more likely to want to do it and even miss not doing it.

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