Reasons why I bought an air fryer (and why I love it)

Being able to cook healthy food, quickly and conveniently is a dream come true. Faster, cheaper, and healthier cooking means that investing in an air fryer can save you time and money.

Air fryers are becoming increasingly popular recently and for good reason.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

An air fryer is more economical than an oven.

An air fryer does not need to be preheated. This means that you can put your food into your air fryer, and turn it on knowing that it will begin cooking almost immediately. Preheating a conventional oven can take 15-20 minutes, during which time, the cooker is constantly using power to bring the oven to temperature.

I could have cooked something in my air fryer in that time!

Faster cooking means that you save time, so it is a great tool for busy people and those who don’t like to wait too long for dinner to be ready.

It is cheaper to use an air fryer.

Not only does it heat up almost straight away, but an air fryer uses less electricity. Depending on the models of air fryer vs oven, this can be as much as half the amount.

A conventional oven can be expensive to run. A list of common appliances and their power consumption at the center for sustainable energy shows an electric oven to be approximately 2,000 watts -2,200 watts (2kw-2.2kw).

An air fryer uses between 1400 watts to 1700 watts (1.4kw – 1.7kw).

That is a saving of between 300 watts and 800 watts per hour.

This energy saving during the cooking time and the additional saving of energy during preheating time can work out to some pretty noticeable energy cost savings each month.

The food is amazing and healthier.

Many models of air fryers come with gadgets. The gadgets can include a rotisserie function, including a rotisserie bar, a rotating basket, and rotating skewers. These gadgets can help make your food amazing. The rotation function helps food to cook evenly and helps retain the moisture and flavors, making food taste great.

As well as being tastier, food cooked in an air fryer is healthier because you need a great deal less oil if any at all. Faster cooking also means vegetables retain more of their nutrients too!

There are lots of air fryer meals to make.

Air fryers are great for experimenting with food.

  • Create veggie chips and a healthier version of regular chips in your basket.
  • Try dehydrating fruits and vegetables.
  • Make rotisserie joints for dinner.
  • Tender fish and meat.
  • Use it for baking.
  • Roast Mediterranean vegetables faster.
  • Enjoy baked eggs or baked porridge for breakfast.
  • Roast chickpeas or cauliflower for a healthy snack.

It’s easy to clean

Cleaning the oven is a horrible job. An air fryer only needs a wipe down with some warm soapy water after each use to keep it looking like new and it’s much smaller and easier to access than your large oven. Do be careful not to saturate the inside of your air fryer though, it’s not designed to take on too much water.

It’s great for small jobs

How many times have you wanted to make something small but settled for something else because it just wasn’t worth heating the oven?

Especially now that fuel costs are climbing!

An air fryer is so economical you can make those smaller snacks without feeling bad about wasting energy.