frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables can be better than fresh

Frozen vegetables are packed full of nutrients!

Frozen vegetables may contain more nutrition than fresh ones. You may know this already, but it’s surprising how many people do not.

It does of course come down to what we mean by fresh. If you pick fruit directly from the tree, you will be getting the maximum nutrition the fruit contains. Fruit and vegetables will begin to lose nutrition from the moment they are picked.

Fresh fruit and vegetables in your local shops and supermarkets have probably been through a huge process to get to the shelves.

Moving, handling and preparing fruit and vegetables destroys vitamins and minerals.

Many fresh products come from other countries nowadays, so they may have been in transit for quite a few days. They are then stored and later, moved to the shelves before you buy them and transport them home.

Moving and handling fruit and vegetables diminishes those precious vitamins and minerals.

Fruit and vegetables that come prepared have lost even more of those nutrients because they have been chopped and handled.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are usually picked and fast-frozen close to the source. The fast freezing process means that nutrients do not diminish making them more nutritious than some of your fresh produce.

Frozen vegetables are easy to store, prepare and cook making them a quick option to help you lose weight.

Frozen vegetables are a great go-to for weight loss. They are fast to prepare and steam quickly in the microwave to keep those nutrients.

Try charring vegetables in a pan, add some garlic to add delicious and low-calorie volume to your meals.

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