How many calories in an apple?

red apple

Are apples good for you when you are trying to lose weight? Apples are relatively low in calories, making them a good snack choice when you want to lose weight.  They also have a high fiber content which helps you feel fuller for longer.  Apples should, however, be eaten in moderation as they also contain … Read more

How many calories in an egg?

how many calories in an egg

Eggs are known for being a fantastic source of protein and also contain valuable vitamins and nutrients. The calories in an egg vary by size and the white contains fewer calories and fat than the yolk. The way that you cook your eggs will also impact the calories you consume as adding oil for fried … Read more

Why mushrooms are so good for you.

Musrooms and onions in a pan

Benefits of eating mushrooms. Low in calories mushrooms are just 22kcal per 100g serving raw but may be more depending on how they are cooked. Mushrooms are also packed with nutrients, including multiple B vitamins and vitamin C. They also have minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, prosperous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, and selenium. Look … Read more

Lose weight fast? Balance is better.

a balanced meal to help you lose weight fast

One of the most popular fitness questions on Google is how to lose weight fast. This is a question that fitness professionals are unlikely to want to answer because, in all honesty, we do not want to encourage unhealthy practices. We want you to be safe, healthy, and well. If you are absolutely determined to … Read more

Want a great full-body workout? Try dumbbells.

woman using dumbbells for a full-body workout

Turns out there is a lot you can do with a set of dumbbells. Looking for a convenient full-body workout you can do at home? Or at the gym… Or anywhere else you can take a set of dumbbells. Dumbbells are incredibly versatile, space-saving, and easy to use. Unfortunately, they tend to dwell in the … Read more