5 benefits of squats and how they build a strong core

Squats are among the most popular exercise movements in the world today, and it’s easy to see why — they work your legs like no other movement out there! That’s not all squats can do, though; when performed with good form, they can help you build muscle in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. Also, they are great for strengthening your core, improving balance and stability, increasing flexibility in your hips and shoulders, and much more. Squats are an all-around great exercise, but they’re particularly useful for helping you get the body you want. Here are the top five benefits of squats!

woman doing a squat - benefits of squats
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-doing-squats-5038833/

Benefits of squats: They tone your legs

Squats are great for toning your legs. If you want to work on specific areas, like your quads, hamstrings or calves, then squats can be a great way to do so. Squats are an easy and inexpensive way to improve tone and build muscle. They don’t have any special equipment needed so they can be done almost anywhere. The only thing that is needed is some space, which you probably already have. You will get stronger: A lot of people think that squats are only good for building leg muscles but they also help with making you stronger in general. The more weight that you lift while doing squats, the stronger you will become overall. This is because your body adapts to whatever it does most often.

Benefits of squats: They improve your balance

Squats work your core muscles (including your glutes) and improve your ability to stabilize yourself—no matter what you’re doing. Squats are great for building strength in the legs and help you to move from high to low positions with balance and stability. You can adapt squats to a unilateral (single leg) version, for example, pistol squats or levitating squats which will increase the challenge and help you to level out strength imbalances in each leg. You can also make squats dynamic b performing jump squats, these help you to improve the power in your legs and glutes and challenge your balance further, as you need to land with stability.

Benefits of squats: They strengthen your core

Squats work your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. They also require all your muscles to stabilize you when you’re moving from one position to another—when you squat down, your body has to use its core muscles and stabilizers in order for you not to fall over. This is why athletes often perform squats as part of their warm-up routine: they get their bodies ready for whatever activity they have coming up next.

Benefits of squats: They flatten your abs

Squatting with the correct form involves lowering and standing using your glutes and abdominal muscles. A great tip is to squeeze the glutes and tighten the abs at the top of the move and engage the abs on the way down to support the lower back. Strengthening these muscles helps reduce back pain and improves posture by strengthening back muscles. Plus, there’s nothing like a strong set of abs to make your waist appear smaller!

Benefits of squats: They help you lose weight

One of the best things about squats is that they’re not just for looking good in a pair of skinny jeans—they also help you lose weight and build muscle. When performed correctly, squats are considered a very effective forms of exercise for burning fat and toning your body. Combined with other forms of aerobic and weight training, squats can be a great way to shed extra pounds.

Squats are adaptable and convenient, meaning that you can increase or decrease the challenge and you can do them anywhere. Get into the habit of performing squats when you are standing around waiting for the kettle to boil, or while you are brushing your teeth in the morning. Exercise does not always have to be formal and every little bit that you do brings great health benefits.