Eat Healthy Get Fit is a website dedicated to doing exactly what it says….helping you to eat healthily and get fit.

We understand that eating healthy and getting fit goes beyond changing up your shopping list and getting down the gym.

It’s not always that easy…time is is busy.

We want to break down the barriers by giving you helpful information and access to practical workouts online, so hopefully, this stuff will be easier to fit into your life.

Classes are run by Anna. Anna is a qualified personal trainer, fitness instructor, Pilates instructor, Exercise referral instructor, and Lower Back Pain specialist instructor.

Live online classes so you can workout at home

From high-intensity aerobic workouts to flowing Pilates sessions, there are plenty of classes to choose from.

Classes are easy to access on Zoom, making it an easy and convenient way to work out from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be.  

We limit our class sizes so that we keep the small group atmosphere and get to make friends with others who attend regularly.

Working out online gives you the opportunity to progress at your own pace – you can move at your own speed.

Live online workouts are great for people who can’t always find childcare, work away from home a lot, or can’t travel to local sessions.

Eat Healthy Get Fit Blog

For those of you who love to research, our blog features articles on exercise and nutrition to bring you fresh ideas on home workout plans and healthy eating.